Volume 6 1968 (Sigurd Erixon’s Memorial Volume)

Iorwerth C.Peate – ‘Sigurd Erixon 1888-1968’

Kate Mason – ‘Yorkshire Cheese making’

A.T.Lucas – ‘Cloth Finishing in Ireland’

John Rowe – ‘Old World Legacies in America’

R.A.Gailey – ‘Straw Costume in Irish Folk Customs’

A.Fenton – ‘Alternating Stone and Turf’

D.M.D.Thacker – ‘Country Cider’

Volume 7 1969

G.Ewart Evans – ‘Aspects of Oral Tradition’

D.Roy Saer – ‘The Christmas Carol Singing Tradition’

Enid Porter – ‘Fen Skating’

Glyn P.Jones – ‘Folk Medicine in 18th century Wales’

Michael Barry – ‘Traditional Enumeration’

E.Estyn Evans – ‘A Cardiganshire Mud-walled Farmhouse’

J. O’Sullivan – ‘Wooden Pumps’

Volume 8 1970

F.H.A.Aalen – ‘The House Types of Gola Island’

Alex Helm – ‘Rush carts of the North-west of England’

David Roden – ‘Changing Settlement in the Chiltern Hills’

Nils-Arvid Bringeus – ‘Man, Food and Milieu’

David Jenkins – ‘The Community and the Land in South Cardiganshire’

T.P.O’Neill – ‘Some Irish Techniques of Collecting Seaweed’

A.T.Lucas – ‘A Possible Ancestry of the Bed Out-shot’

M.F.Wakelin – ‘Dialectical ‘Tallet”

Volume 9 1971

Anne Buck – ‘Women’s Dress in the 18th Century’

J.G.Jenkins – ‘Salmon Fishing’

I.M.Killip – ‘Crofting in the Isle of Man’

Lynn Davies – ‘Mining Folklore in Wales’

Gwyn Meirion-Jones – ‘Buildings of Odiham Hampshire’

Volume 10 1972

Geoffrey Dent – ‘Markets and Fairs’

R.A.Gailey – ‘Spade Making in County Tyrone’Peter Brears – ‘The Truro Pottery’

Elfyn Scourfield – ‘Fact finding in a Welsh Rural Community’

Hugh Shields – ‘Old British Ballads in Ireland’

Robin Gwyndaf Jones – ‘Dictionary of English Folk Tales’

Desmond McCourt – ‘Roof Timbering in Ulster’