Volume 6 1968 (Sigurd Erixon’s Memorial Volume)


Iorwerth C. Peate, Sigurd Erixon 1888-1968

Kate Mason, Yorkshire Cheese making

A.T. Lucas, Cloth Finishing in Ireland

W. John Rowe, Old-World Legacies in America

Alan Gailey, Straw Costume in Irish Folk Customs

Alexander Fenton, Alternating Stone and Turf

D. M. Duggan Thacker, Country Cider

Iorwerth C. Peate, Reconstructing the Past

Alexander Fenton, Sources for Folk Life Studies

Caoimhin Ó Danachair, Animal Droppings as Fuel

Volume 7 1969


G. Ewart Evans, Aspects of Oral Tradition

D. Roy Saer, The Christmas Carol-Singing Tradition in the Tanad Valley

Enid Porter, Fen Skating

Glyn P.  Jones, Folk Medicine in 18th century Wales

Michael Barry, Traditional Enumeration in the North Country 

E. Estyn Evans, A Cardiganshire Mud-walled Farmhouse

John C. O’ Sullivan, Wooden Pumps

M. L. Ryder, Teasel Growing for Cloth Raising 

M. L. Ryder, The Size of Haystacks

S. Pilling, A Pair of Thistle Tongs from Stranraer

Volume 8 1970


David Jenkins, The Community and the Land in South Cardiganshire

Timothy P. O’Neill, Some Irish Techniques of Collecting Seaweed

Alex Helm, Rush Carts of the North-west of England

F.H.A. Aalen, The House Types of Gola Island, Co. Donegal 

Nils-Arvid Bringeus, Man, Food and Milieu

David Roden, Changing Settlement in the Chiltern Hills before 1850 

M.F. Wakelin, Welsh Influence in the west of England: Dialectal Tallet

A.T. Lucas, Contributions to the History of the Irish House: A Possible Ancestry of the Bed-Outshot(Cúilteach)

Anthea V. Diver, The ‘Welland’ Type of Thistle Tongs

Alexander Fenton, Folk Life in Slovakia

Volume 9 1971


Anne Buck, Variations in English Women’s Dress in the Eighteenth Century

J. Geraint Jenkins, Commercial Salmon Fishing in Welsh Rivers

I.M. Killip, Crofting in the Isle of Man

Lynn Davies, Aspects of Mining Folklore in Wales

Gwyn I. Meirion-Jones, The Domestic Buildings of Odiham, Hampshire

Stewart F. Sanderson, Sheep Marks in Lakeland

A. E. Green, A Note on the form ‘Mummerin’

Anthea V. Diver, The Rutland County Museum 

Volume 10 1972


Geoffrey Dent, Markets and Fairs: Their contribution to rural life in north-west Yorkshire

Alan Gailey, A Family Spade-Making Business in County Tyrone

Peter C. D  Brears, Techniques of the Truro Pottery

Elfyn Scourfield, Fact Finding in a Welsh Rural Community

Hugh Shields, Old British Ballads in Ireland

Robin Gwyndaf Jones, A Standard Dictionary of English Folk Tales

Desmond McCourt, Roof-timbering Techniques in Ulster: a Classification

Kate Mason, Irish Labour in the North of England

Pamela Murray, Oatcakes in Staffordshire