Journal, vol 57-61, 2019-2023

Volume 57:1 2019 

Fidelma Mullane – ‘Croiceann Cruaidhe Féarmhar an Talaimh: A Material Culture  of the Skin of the Earth – The Example of Roofing With Sod Partings in Ireland’

Liam Cullinane – “Some feckin jump like”: Fordism and Ford Workers in Ireland’

Felicia K. Youngblood – ‘On Un-silencing Voices: Tarantismo and the Gendered Heritage of Apulia’

Ciaran McDonough – ‘Folk Belief and Landscape in Connacht: Accounts from the Ordnance Survey Letters’

Volume 57:2 2019

Isak Lidström and Ingvar Svanberg – ‘Ancient Buoyancy Devices in Sweden: Floats Made of Reed, Club-Rush, Inflated Skins and Animal Bladders’

Renata Dalianoudi – “Transporting the Notes”: Urbanisation and Westernization in the Music of the Northeastern Aegean Islands in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Century’

Teona Lomsadze – ‘When Tradition Meets Modernity – Georgian Folk-Fusion Music’

Volume 58:1 2020 

Shane McGuiness – ‘Park, People and Potatoes: The Complicated Culture of Conservation’

Evy Johanne Håland – ‘Refugee Rituals: Continuity and Change in the Anastenaria Festival in Macedonian Greece’

Seanán Mac Aoidh – ‘The Postmodern Gaelic Storyteller: Contemporary Contexts and Transmission of Irish Language Narrative in Donegal’

Cozette Griffin-Kremer – ‘Back to the Future. Squaring Folk life and Cultural Diversity at the Alsace Ecomuseum’

58:2 2020

Pádraig Ó Sabhain, Brian McGrath ‘That’s the boat that reared us’. Maritime Culture, Place and the Role of the ‘Galway hooker’ in Southwest Conamara 

H Nurgül Begiç, ‘Amulets from Anatolia: the Material Culture of the Evil Eye in Turkey’

Margaret Bennett, ‘A Return to Sources: the Folk Life Legacy of Eric R. Cregeen’

Heather Holmes, ‘Healing at the Clooty Well: An Autoethnological View of Personal Experiences’