Volume 51:1 2013
Inja Smerdel – ‘What Images of Oxen Call Tell Us: Metaphorical Meanings and Everyday Working Practices
J. B. Smith – ‘Some Indigenous Fruits and Berries and their harvesting in the Mirror of language and Tradition’
Heather Holmes – ‘Agricultural Implement Makers in Scotland During the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries’
John R. Baldwin – ‘Harvesting Seabirds and their Eggs on the Irish Sea Islands (Part 5: Rathlin, A Twentieth-Century Survival)’
Volume 51:2 2013
Kenneth Omeje and Josephine Magawi – ‘Oracular Deities as Traditional Sources of Credit Among the Igbo of Nigeria’
Dorothy Osler – ‘Did Welsh Migrants Influence Amish Quiltmaking? Evidence from Amish and Welsh Settlement Patterns in Nineteenth-Century America’
Neil Lanham – ‘The Oral Mindset, Language, and Inherited Skill of the Natural Storyeller’
Heather Holmes – Obituary – ‘Alexander Fenton CBE, MA, BA. DLitt. Hon DLitt (ABD), FRSE, FRSGS, FSA, FSAScot, HRSA, Professor Emeritus of Scottish Ethnology, 1929-2012’
R. H. Buchanan – Obituary – ‘Alan Gailey BA, PhD, Former Director of the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum, 1935-2013’
Volume 52:1 2014
Eddie Cass – ‘James Madison Carpenter and George Baker: An Analytical Description of an Artistic Relationship’
Evy Johanne Håland – ‘The Legend and Popular Festival of Agios (Saint) Charlampos, and its Parallels in the Wider Greek Continent, Ancient and Modern’
Sema Özkan Tagi and Zeynep Erdogan – ‘The Adventure of Mohair in Anatolia’ Urzula Nowakowska and Hanna Ignatowics “Crops for the State!” Agriculture and the Countryside in 1950s Propaganda Posters of Central and Eastern Europe’
Volume 52:2 2014
Andreas G. Heiss, Dragana Filipovic, Anely Nedelcheva, Gabriela Ruß-Popa, Klaus Wanninger, Georg Schramayr, Renata Peregp and Stefanie Jacomet – ‘A Fistful of Bladdernuts: The Shifting Uses of Staphylea pinnata L. as Documented by Archaeology, History, and Ethnology’
Linda-May Ballard – ‘A Singular Changeling?’
Eurwyn Wiliam – ‘”To keep the Devil at bay”? Ephemeral Floor Decoration in Wales during the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centiuries’
Volume 53:1 2015 
Cozette Griffin-Kremer – ‘Tracking Change: Lilly-of-the-Valley Custom and Festival in France’
Robert Young Walser – ‘Dreg Songs Lost … and Found’
Anthony Rea – ‘The Italian Contribution to Manchester’
Michael Freeman – ‘Perceptions of Welshes: Tourists’ Impressions of the Material and Traditional Culture of Wales, 1770-1840′
Caroline Oates – Obituary – Edward Fletcher Cass
Michael Larkin – Obituary – Paddy MacMonagle
Volume 53:2 2015
Heather Holmes – ‘The Diffusion of Labour-Saving Technology and Technological Innovations: English Reaping Machines in Scotland 1850 to 1910’
Chris Page and David Viner – ‘Panniers to Stiff Carts: Early Farm Transport in the Isle of Man’
Neil Lanham – ‘The Double Vision of “Natural Man”‘
J. B. Smith – ”Cotqueans, Poultry-Gropers, Dish-Clouts’
Volume 54:1 2015
Clodagh Doyle – ‘Hair Hurling Balls: Review, Research and Scientific Investigations’
Mahesh Radhakrishnan – “South Indian Carnatic Singing and Irish Sean-nós – an ethnographic, musical and linguistic comparison’
Lillis Ó Laoire – ‘Towards an Aesthetics of Gaelic Song Performance’
Eurwyn Wiliam – R. W. Brunskill, OBE, 1929-2015
Eurwyn Wiliam – Trefor Meredith Owen MA, FSA, 1926-2015

Volume 54:2  2016

Sarah J. Davies – ‘Desperate Father or Murderous Fool? The Genesis of One Migratory Legend of Poverty, Fecundity and Multiple Birth’
Farzin Izadpanah – ‘The Architecture of Transhumance: An Ethnographic Study of Animal Enclosures in a Pastoral Community in Iran’
Mary Mitchell-Ingoldsby – “Twas Tir na nOg itself” – The Muckross Music Collection: Fieldwork in North Kerry 1980-1990′
G. D. Newton – ‘Surface Coal Mining and Graving in Leeds, West Yorkshire
Lillis Ó Laoire – obituary Bo Gunnar Almqvist 1931-2013
Volume 54:1 2016

Lillis Ó Laoire – Editorial

Clodagh Doyle – ‘Hair Hurling Balls: Review, Research and Scientific InvestigationMahesh Radhakrishnan – ‘South Indian Carnatic Singing and Irish Sean-mos – An Ethnographic, Musical and linguistic Comparison’

Lillis Ó Laoire – ‘Towards an Aesthetics of Gaelic Song Performance’

Eurwyn Wiliam – obituary R. W. Brunskill, OBE, 1929-2016

Eurwyn Wiliam – obituary Trefor Meredith Owen MA, FSA, 1926-2015

Volume 55:1 2017

Vito Carrassi – ‘Theorizing, Collecting, Archiving, Reviving: The Lives (or Life?) of Folklore’
Magnus Course – ‘Changelings: Alterity Beyond Difference’
Ronnie Ballard – ‘Changing the identity of a Motorcycle: Lessons for Life’
Matthew Richardson – ‘The Manx Crisis of 1916 and the Emergence of Mona Douglas in the Nationalist Movement
Claudia Kinmonth – ‘Knowing our Noggins: Rare Irish Wooden Vessels Rediscovered’
Volume 55:2 2017 
Andrei V. Grinëv – ‘The Dynamics of Barter between the Russians and Alaska Natives, 1741-1867’
Dana David Gravot – ‘Re-membering Community: Ritual Exchange in Williamsburg’s Questua’
Gwenllian A. Awbery – ‘The language of Remembrance; Welsh and English on First World War Memorials’
Conference papers
L. S. Kirkpatrick – ‘Ireland Remembers 1916’
Críostóir Mac Cárthaigh – ‘The Cultural Context of Legend Telling in A West Kerry Fishing Community’.
Volume 56:1 2018