Volume 46 2008

Simon J. Bronner – ‘Hare Coursing and the Ethics of Tradition’

Frank Rennie – ‘Human Ecology and Concepts of Sustainable Development in a Crofting Township’

Gwenllian M. Awbery – ‘Biblical Verses in Welsh Commemorative Inscriptions’

Neill Martin – ‘Ritualised Entry in Seasonal and Marriage Custom’

Dennis R. Mills – ‘Recording and Interpreting Moffreys’

Ian Whyte – ‘The Last English Peasants? Lake District Statesmen and Yeomen Farmers in the Late Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Centuries: The Example of Tom Rumney of Mellfell’

John Burnett – ‘An Eighteenth-Century Cure in Scotland’

John B. Smith – ‘Granfer-Grig and Fuzzy-Pig: What Devonians Call Woodlice – and Why’

Volume 47 2009

David Viner and Catherine Wilson – ‘Sorting the Wheat from the Chaff: Establishing the Methodology towards a Distributed National Collection of Agricultural Heritage’

Fatma Yetim – ‘Embroidered Bindalli Garments Worn by Women in the Town of Beypazari, Ankara, Turkey’

Heather Holmes – ‘Analysing a Source for the purchase and ownership of Scottish Books in the late Eighteenth Century: A Comparison of Three Subscription Lists in the Agricultural Books of David Young of Perth Published in 1785, 1788 and 1790’

John B. Smith and Lillis Ó Laoire – ‘”The Silly Treun”: An Odd Bird Identified’

Mared Wyn McAleavey – ‘Renewal or Betrayal? An Experiment in Reflecting Welsh identity at St Fagans: National History Museum’

Chris Scott – ‘Contemporary Expressions of Coal Mining Heritage in the Durham Coalfield: The Creation of New Identities’

John R. Baldwin – ‘Harvesting Seabirds and their Eggs on the Irish Sea Islands. (Part 1, The Welsh Islands, Lundy and Scilly)’

Roy Brigden – ‘Rural Museums in an Urban and Multicultural Society’

Christine Stevens – ‘Reshaping the Cultural Landscape?’

John Williams-Davies – ‘”Now Our History is Your History”: The Challenge of Relevance for Open-Air Museums’

Neil Lanham – ‘The Suit of the Suffolk Horseman’ Paddy MacMonagle – ‘William Percy French’

Volume 48 2010

Part 1

Roy Brigden – ‘Recording Change’

Margaret Humphreys – ‘Gender Relationships, Matching, and marriage Customs in an Irish Rural Cmmunity’

K. Özlem Alp and Melda Özdemir – ‘The Tradition of Presenting Gold Gifts after Giving Birth in Anatolia’

Victoria Louise Newton – ‘Folklore and Advertising: An Examination of Traditional Themes and Motifs in British twenty-First century Television Advertising Campaigns’

J. B. Smith – ‘Hassocks, Butts, and Bull-Front Kneelers’

Part 2

Euphrosyne Rizopoulou-Egoumendou – ‘Lifestyle and Social Behaviour of the Elite of Cyprus, c. 1775-1821’

Fatma Nur Basaran and Banu Hatice Gurcum – ‘Pomak Weaving Tradition, a Brief History’

Peter Brears – ‘Traditional Home Cooking in the Craven Dales’

John R. Baldwin – ‘Harvesting Seabirds and their Eggs on the Irish Sea Islands (Part 2: Mainland of Man)’

Thornton B. Edwards – ‘An Appreciation of Evyenios Spatharis, 1924-2009’

Volume 49 2011

Part 1

J. B. Smith – ‘William Barnes, Grenley, and the Miraculous Beam’

Fatma Koç and Emine Koca – ‘The Clothing Culture of the Turks, and the Entari (Part 1: History)’

John R. Baldwin – ‘Harvesting Seabirds and their Eggs on the Irish Sea Islands (Part 3: The Calf of Man)’

Cozette Griffin-Kremer – ‘French Muguet Customs: Recording Change’

Part 2

Fionnuala Carson Williams – ‘Maypoles on the ‘road to Richhill’ and Beyond’

Giulia De Gasperi – ‘The Hall was Us’

Dafydd Roberts – “A Narrow Swathe of English Eccentricity”: The Reopening of the Talyllyn and Ffestiniog Railways’

Volume 50 2012

Part 1

Linda-May Ballard – ‘Editorial: Fifty Years of Folk Life’

Christine Stevens – ‘Personal Links Between Landlord and Tenant on a Welsh Estate: An Absentee landlord’s Influence on the Social Life of an Estate Village in the Nineteenth Century’

Emine Nas – ‘Cultural Values in Traditional Turkish Women’s Headdresses’

John R. Baldwin – ‘Harvesting Seabirds and their Eggs on the Irish Sea Islands (Part 4: Environmental and Cultural Influences)’

J. B. Smith – ‘Three Breton Traditions Viewed from the West Country and Farther Afield’

J. B. Smith – ‘On the Protection of Puddings’

Part 2

Steph Mastoris – ‘Folk Life at fifty: People, Places, and Publications during the Society’s First half-Century’

Heather Holmes – ‘Regional Patterns in the Exhibition of Breeds of Cattle and Sheep at the Royal Highland Show 1872-1905’

Fatma Koç and Emine Koca – ‘The Clothing Culture of the Turks, and the Entari (Part 2: The Entari)’

Cozette Griffin-Kremer – ‘Working with Oxen in France and Beyond: Museums as Crossroads’