Volume 41 2003

Catherine Wilson – ‘Thoughts on Rural Life Museums & Agricultural Preservation in Eastern England’

Gareth Beech – ‘The Wooden Field Gates of Wales’

Thornton Edwards – ‘Greek Wedding Customs (Part One)’

Gillian Bennet – ‘Cultural Life of an English Village in the Inter-War Years’

David Rice – ‘Up to Six Plays an Hour: the puppets of William Simmonds’

Eddie Cass – ‘J.M. Carpenter, Ethel Rudkin and the Plough Plays of Lincolnshire’

Gilliam Bulmer – ‘Apple Picking: The Bitter Sweet’

Volume 42 2004

J. Burnett, K. Mercer and A. Quye – ‘The Practice of Dying Wool in Scotland c. 1790 – c. 1840’

Thornton B. Edwards – ‘Greek Wedding Customs (Part Two)’

J.B. Smith – ‘Lying for the Whetstone: A Saying and its Links with Folk Life and Tradition’

John H. Edmonds – ‘Textile Dying Through the Ages’

Shane Lehane – ‘Slean Turf in North Cork’

Bob Powell – ‘The Fenland ‘osskeeper’

Fionnuala C. Williams – ‘A Fire of Stones Curse’

Volume 43 2005

Brian Lambkin and Jennifer Meagan – ‘The Fabric of Memory, Identity and Diaspora: an Irish needlework sampler with Australian and Canadian connections’

Heather Holmes – ‘Constructing identities of the Irish migratory potato workers in Scotland’

Christine Stevens – ‘Welsh costume: the survival of tradition or national icon?’

Brian Crowley – ”His Father’s Son’: James and Patrick Pearse’

Thornton B. Edwards – ‘The Komboloi Museum: Description or Prescription of a Traditional Greek Craft?’

J.B. Smith – ‘Goats with Cattle and Hands from Graves: Towards a Fresh Look at our Insular Suspicions’

J.B. Smith – ‘When is a Shoe not a Shoe?’

Volume 44 2006

John B Smith – ‘Making Sweet Hay: A West Country Custom in its Wider Context’

Natalino Fenech – ‘Lark Mirrors: From Tools to Folk Art’

Euphrosyne Rizopoulou-Egoumenidou – ‘Cypriot Costumes as Seen by Women Travellers During the First Decades of British Rule: Impressions and Reality’

Tina Negus – ‘Daniel in the Den of Lions: Early Medieval Carvings and their Origins’

Bo Lönnqvist – ‘Shaping and Struggling for Identity: The German-Speaking Population of Western Romania’

Heather Holmes- ‘Scottish Agricultural Writers and the Creation of their Personal Identities Between 1697 and 1790’

Margaret Humphreys – ‘The Dance Event in Ethnographic Perspective’

Brian Loughbrough – ‘More About Water: Papplewick Pumping Station, 1884’

Volume 45 2007

Bjarne Rogan – ‘Folk Art and Politics in Inter-War Europe: An Early Debate on Applied Ethnology’

Joseph McBrinn –‘The 1904 Feis na nGleann: Craftwork, Folk Life and National Identity’

Eddie Cass – ‘The Lower Heyford Folk Play: James Madison Carpenter’s Use of Dialect in his Cylinder transcriptions’

Adam R. Kaul – ‘On “Tradition”: Between the Local and the Global in a Traditional Irish Music Scene’

Melda Özdemir – ‘Sandal Making in the Bodrum District, Mugla Province, Turkey’

Jacqueline Simpson – ‘Boundaries for Ghosts: A Technique in Folk Exorcism’

David Fitzpatrick – ‘Exporting Brotherhood: Orangeism in South Australia’

Inja Smerdel – ‘An Attempt to Identify and Define the Variety of “the Past in the future”: the Heritage Phenomenon in Slovenia and the Role of the Slovene Ethnographic Museum in this Process’

John B. Smith – ‘A Bunch of customs: Paying Beverage, Giving Handsel, Bending Coins’