Volume 36 1998

Jill Betts – ‘Michael O’ Connell and his Festival of Britain Wall hanging’

John Burrison – ‘The Living Tradition of English Pottery’

J. Steane & C. Bloxham – ‘Secrets under the floorboards’

Caroline Earwood – ‘Primitive Ropemaking: The Archaelogical and Ethnographic Evidence’

Thornton Edwards – ‘Baptismal Customs in Greece’

Linda Fletcher – ‘Strewings’

Adèle Schaverien – ‘The Horners’ Company Collection of Horn’

Robin Gwyndaf – ”The Sorrow of all People’: Death, Grief and Comfort in Wales’

Volume 37 1999

Roger Leich – ‘The Tay and Earn salmon Fisheries’

Emma Lile – ‘Female Student Athletes at Aberystwyth Uni. c. 1880-1914’

Veronica Main – ‘Corn Dollies: Searching for the Seed of Truth’

M. Fisher & D. Viner – ‘The Ebington Friendly Society and its banners’

Trevor Parkhill – ‘Emigration and famine: The Ulster Experience’

J. B. Smith – ‘The Unborn Child in Saying, Custom and Artefact’

Volume 38 2000

Alan Gailey – ‘Domesticating the Past: The Development of Open-Air Museums’

Caroline Earwood – ‘Trees and Folk Medicine’

Heather Holmes – ‘Irish Women Migratory Potato Workers in Scotland’

Mari A. Williams – ‘Aspects of Women’s Lives in Mining Communities of south Wales’

Mavis Curtis – ‘Oral Tradition of Children of Asian Origin in Keighley, West Yorks.’

Linda-May Ballard – ‘The Invention of Tradition?’

Volume 39 2001

A.Harwood & D. Viner – ‘Lloyd-Baker Collection of Gloucestershire Agricultural History’

Andrew Mackay – ‘Why & How Should we make Rural Life Museums More Relevant to Our Visitors’

Linda-May Ballard – ‘Thomas Cecil, the Compleat Islandman?’

Robin Gwyndaf – ‘Memory in Action’Alun Gruffydd – ‘Anglesey – Tracing the Agricultural Origins’

Veronica Main – ‘Straw Plaiting & Hat Making in Transylvania’

Volume 40 2002

Hugh Cheape – ‘Scotland, the Enlightenment and the Agricultural Revolution’

Heather Holmes – ‘Scottish Agricultural Newspapers & Journals – Industrialisation of Agriculture 1880-80’

John Burnett – ‘From the Byre to the Bacteriologist: Milk Supply of an Industrial City’

Michael McCaughan – ‘Symbolism of Ships & Sea: From Ship of Church to Gospel Trawler’

Dawn Kemp – ‘The First Scottish International Aviation meeting’

Robin Wiltshire – ‘Archives of Cultural Tradition: A Unique Folklore & Folk Life Resource’

Michael Evans – ‘Bloomington is My Home: Composite Architecture of the Homeless’

Roy Kerridge – ‘Coach Ride Gospel’