Volume 31 1993

Brian Loughbrough – ‘The Experience of Places and People’

Margaret H. King – ‘A Partnership of Equals: Women in Scottish East Coast Fishing Communities’

Geoffrey Dent – ‘Aspects of Change: Evolution and Revolution in Weights and Measures’

Linda M. Ballard – ‘Irish Lace; Tradition or Commodity?’

Martyn Brown – ‘Museums in Rural Areas’

George Monger – ‘Rural Community Centres: Indicators of Social and Cultural Change’

Roy Brigden – ‘A Story of Burbage Wharf’

Roy Vickery – ‘Nettles: Their Uses and Folklore in the British Isles’

Trefor M. Owen – ‘Fransis George Payne (1900-1992)’

Peter Brears – ‘The Ninth International Ethnological Food Research Congress’

Volume 32 1994

D. Eveleigh – ‘Cooking pots and old curios – the posnet and skillet’

Bernard Cotton – ‘Richard Hugh Kaighin: joiner, furniture-maker and crofter, 1864-1945’

David Jenkins – ‘An introduction to Montgomeryshire’

R.J. Moore-colyer – ‘On the ritual burial of horses in Britain’

Linda Ballard – ‘Folk art and the validity of revival: A contemporary example’

Caroline Earwood – ‘Ethnography in eastern Europe: peasant crafts’

Robin Gwyndaf – ‘Welsh tradition bearers: guidelines for the study of worl’

J.B. Smith – ‘The name of the game: Plant names as a key to some pastimes involving plants’

G. Monger – ‘Contemporary wayside shrines’

Volume 33 1995

Colin Hayfield – ‘Farm servants’ accommodation on the Yorkshire Wolds’

Jacqueline Lewis – ‘Passing judgements – Welsh dress and the English tourist’

John Steane – ‘Chastleton House, Oxfordshire: a view from downstairs’

John Norwood – ‘Shepherding on the South Downs’

Thornton B. Edwards – ‘Mourning customs in Greece’

Patrick MacMonagle – ‘Some narrow gauge railways of the West of Ireland’

Volume 34 1996

Dafydd Roberts – ”Abypoth and Pennychain’ – Life in a Welsh Countryside’

Peter Brears – ”Bygones’ in The Connoisseur’

Jonathan Bell – ‘Housing of Rural Laboureres in Ireland since 18C’

Patricia Preece – ‘Tent Peg Making in the Oxfordshire Chilterns World War II’

Minwel Tibbott – ‘Cheese-making in Glamorgan’Sue Philpin – ‘Wollen Yarn Healing’

Anna Champeney – ‘Peasant Crafts in Galicia, North West Spain, Present and Future’

Andrew West – ‘A Travelling Basketmaker – and more: Philla Davis’

Volume 35 1997

Hugh Cheape – ‘Shielings in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland’

Gwyn E. Jones – ‘Aber-porth Revisited’

Geoffrey Dent – ‘Jobbs, Corves and Thraves’

Owen Davies – ‘Hag-Riding in 19C England and Modern Newfoundland’

David Drummond – ”Irish’ Mouse Traps’

Fionnuala Williams – ‘A Fire of Stones Curse’

Joan E. Grundy – ‘Horse patterns from the Mosslands of South Lancashire’

James Walton – ‘Old Yorkshire Stone Crafts’

John B. Smith – ‘Ruth Tounge’s ‘Legalizing of Bastards”