Volume 26 1988

G. Boyes – ‘Cultural Survivals Theory and Traditional Customs’

D. Bostwick – ‘The Denby Dale Pies: An Illustrated Narrative History’

G. Jenkins – ‘Felt Hatmaking in Ceredigion’

D.J. Pannett – ‘Fish Weirs of the River Severn’

B.S. MacAodha – ‘Some Penal Era Placenames in North West Ireland’

P.G. Preece – ‘Woodmen of the Oxfordshire Chilterns 1300-1800’

R. Gwyndaf – ‘The Welsh Folk Narrative Tradition: Continuity and Adaptation’

J.B. Smith – ‘Thatchers’ ‘Owls”

J.R.R.Adams – ‘Agricultural Literature for the Common Reader in 18th century Ulster’

Volume 27 1989

M. Segalen – ‘Current Trends in French Ethnology’

J.B. Smith – ‘A Comparative Study of some Bird Scaring and Herding Rhymes’

P.W. Nolan – ‘Folk Medicine in Rural Ireland’

G.D. Nash – ‘Up at Dawn: The Experimental Erection of a Squatter’s Cabin’

Larch S. Garrard – ‘The Making and Use of Rag Rugs in the Isle of Man’

Geoffrey Dent – ‘The Pound Weight and the Pound Sterling’

K. Mason ‘Laithes: The Barns of Craven’

J.M. Wood – ‘Classifying Folk Narrative Using the Type-Motif Method’

Volume 28 1990

R.A. Gailey – ‘Migrant Culture’

R.J. Moore-Colyer – ‘Coastal Limekilns in South West Wales’

H.W.Marshall – ‘The British Isles Single Cell House in the American Cultural Landscape’

F.D. Williams – ‘An Irish Threshing Proverb’

A.J. White – ‘Carvings of Ships in Whitby Parish Church’

James G. Delaney – ‘Brickmaking in Gillen’

S. Minwel Tibbott – ‘Going Electric: The Changing Face of the Rural Kitchen in Wales 1945-55’

Asa Ljungstrom – ‘Craft Artefacts: Keys to the Past’

Volume 29 1991

D. Eveleigh – ‘The English Tradition of Open Fire Roasting’

P. Sambrook – ‘Home Brewing on a Grand Scale’

V. Pollock – ‘Co.Down Herring Girls and the Herring Curing Industry’

J. Williams-Davies – ‘The Travelling Cider Maker’

J.B. Smith – ‘Mud-shoes, Mud-sledges and Related Equipment in Southern England’

P.Nolan – ‘Death is a Family Affair’G.Monger – ‘Car Boot Sales’

R.Moore-Colyer – ‘Blacksmiths, Farriers and Horses in Wales’

H.Anderson – ‘A Neglected Musical Instrument’

R.A.Gailey – ‘Emyr Estyn Evans (1905-1989)’

J.Lasansky – ‘The Oral Traditions Project’

Volume 30 1992 [includes index to vols 21-30]

Christine Faulkner – ‘Hops and Hop Pickers of the Midlands’

Alan Harris – ‘Gorse in the East Riding of Yorkshire’

Eldbjørg Fossgard – ‘Farming Women and Technology’

Jill Betts – ‘The Devon Splint Basket’

Emmanuel Cooper – ‘The People’s Art’

David Goa – ‘The Seasons of Celebration Project’

Caroline Macafee – ‘Acumsinery: Is it too Late To Collect Traditional Dialect?’

Nigel Wright – ‘Naughty but Nice?’

Beth Thomas – ‘Here Today, Gone Tomorrow? Language and Dialect in a Welsh Community’