Volume 21 1983

Trefor M. Owen – ‘Iorwerth Cyfeiliog Peate, 1901-1982’

Gereth M.Spriggs – ‘Maiden’s Garlands’Peter Brears – ‘Construction of a Maiden’s Garland’

Larch S. Garrard – ‘Samplers and Related Embroideries in the Isle of Man’

Richard J. Colyer – ‘Crop Husbandry in Wales before the Onset of Mechanisation’

Bruce Walker – ‘The Bucket Mill, Finzean, Aberdeenshire’

Geoffrey Dent – ‘Mechanics and Effects of Parliamentary Enclosure of Common Grazings: an Example from North West Yorkshire’

Rebecca O’Leary – ‘The Wheel Bellows’

Stephen Nott – ‘European Centre for Folk Studies’

Volume 22 1984

Gaynor Kavanagh – ‘Folk Life: Present and Future Tense’

Ervin Beck – ‘The Meat that Never Spoils: Occupational Identity and Legend Decline’

C. O Danachair – ‘Summer Pasture in Ireland’

Niall o Dubhthaigh – ‘Summer Pasture in Donegal’

Simon J. Bronner – ‘The Processual Principle in Folk Art, Based on a Study of Wooden Chain Carving’

Ross Noble – ‘Turf-walled Houses of the Central Highlands’

Stuart W.Davies – ‘Rural Colliers of Wyre’

D. Roy Saer – ‘A Midnight Plygain at Llanymawddwy Church’

Elizabeth A. Warner – ‘Collection and Study of Ethnographical Material in Russia’

Volume 23 1985

Ruth M. Tittensor – ‘Conservation of our Historic Landscape Heritage’

E. Crane & P. Walker – ‘Evidence of Welsh Beekeeping in the Past’

David J.North – ‘The One-way Plough in South-eastern England’

James G.Delaney – ‘The Year-and-a-Half: Training Horses in Counties Roscommon and Longford’

Elwyn Davies – ‘Hafod and Lluest: The Summering of Cattle and Upland Settlement in Wales’

Warren E.Roberts – ‘Tombstones in Scotland and Indiana’

Geoffrey Dent – ‘Fish Spears And Eel Glaives’

Glyn E.Jones – ‘Hala Dechreunos: A Knitting Assembly in Breconshire’

Volume 24 1986

A.D.Buckley – ‘The Chosen Few: Biblical Texts in the Regalia of an Ulster Secret Society’

P.Rushton – ‘The Testament of Gifts: Marriage Tokens and Disputed Contracts in North-East England, 1560-1630’

Minwel Tibbott – ‘Liberality and Hospitality: Food as Communication in Wales’

Ian Whitaker – ‘Core Values among Blasket Islanders’

P.R. Newman – ‘The Flail, the Harvest and Rural Life’

Patrick MacMonagle – ‘Poteen: Elixir Vitae Hibernicae’

J. Smith – ‘The Hireling’

James G.Delaney – ‘Cutting the Worm’s Knot’

Jenefer Lowe – ‘Les Cultures en Revue’

Volume 25 1987

J.G. Jenkins – ‘Interpreting the Heritage of Wales’

S.C.L. Harris – ‘The Wooden Bottle 1700-1900’

G. Cruickshank – ‘To Run a Marathon: The Evolution of the Folk Tradition’

W. Linnard – ‘Wood Colliers and Charcoal Burning in Wales’

C. Hayfield & M.Brough – ‘Dewponds and Pondmakers of the Yorkshire Wolds’

R.A. Gailey – ‘Cultural Connections and Cheese’

Martyn C. Brown – ‘Cider Making in the Channel Islands’

H. Anderson – ‘Inquiry into Folklife in Australia’