Volume 21 1983


Trefor M. Owen, Iorwerth Cyfeiliog Peate, 1901-1982

Gereth M. Spriggs, Maiden’s Garlands

People’s Stage Tapes

Peter C. D. Brears, Construction of a Maiden’s Garland

Larch S. Garrard, Samplers and Related Embroideries in the Isle of Man

Richard J. Colyer, Crop Husbandry in Wales before the Onset of Mechanisation

Bruce Walker, The Bucket Mill, Finzean, Aberdeenshire

Geoffrey Dent, Mechanics and Effects of Parliamentary Enclosure of Common Grazings: an Example from North West Yorkshire

Rebecca O’Leary, The Wheel Bellows

Stephen Nott, European Centre for Folk Studies

Volume 22 1984


Gaynor Kavanagh, Folk Life: Present and Future Tenses: An Assessment of SAMDOK and its Relevance to Folk Life Studies in Britain

Ervin Beck, The Meat that Never Spoils: Occupational Identity and Legend Decline

Caoimhín Ó Danachair, Summer Pasture in Ireland

Niall Ó Dubhthaigh, Summer Pasture in Donegal

Simon J. Bronner, The Processual Principle in Folk Art, Based on a Study of Wooden Chain Carving

R. Ross Noble, Turf-Walled Houses of the Central Highlands: An Experiment in Reconstruction

Stuart W. Davies, Rural Colliers of Wyre

D. Roy Saer, A Midnight Plygain at Llanymawddwy Church

Elizabeth A. Warner, Collection and Study of Ethnographical Material in Russia

Volume 23 1985


Ruth M. Tittensor, Conservation of our Historic Landscape Heritage

Eva Crane & Penelope Walker, Evidence on Welsh Beekeeping in the Past

David J. North, The One-way Plough in South-eastern England

James G. Delaney, The Year-and-a-Half: Training Horses in Counties Roscommon and Longford

Elwyn Davies, Hafod and Lluest: The Summering of Cattle and Upland Settlement in Wales

Warren E. Roberts, Tombstones in Scotland and Indiana

J. Geoffrey Dent, Fish Spears and Eel Glaives: Some notes on development and design

Glyn E. Jones, Hala Dechreunos: A Knitting Assembly in Breconshire?

Volume 24 1986


Anthony D. Buckley, The Chosen Few: Biblical Texts in the Regalia of an Ulster Secret Society

Peter Rushton, The Testament of Gifts: Marriage Tokens and Disputed Contracts in North-East England, 1560-1630

Minwel Tibbott, Liberality and Hospitality: Food as Communication in Wales

Ian Whitaker, Core Values among Blasket Islanders

P. R. Newman, The Flail, the Harvest and Rural Life

Patrick MacMonagle, Poteen: Elixir Vitae Hibernicae

J. Smith, The Hireling

James G. Delaney, Cutting the Worm’s Knot

Jenefer Lowe, Les Cultures en Revues

Volume 25 1987


J. Geraint Jenkins, Interpreting the Heritage of Wales

S.C.L. Harris, The Wooden Bottle 1700-1900

Graeme Cruickshank, To Run a Marathon: The Evolution of a Folk Tradition

William Linnard, Sooty Bands from Tents of Turf: Woodcolliers and Charcoal-burning in Wales

Colin Hayfield & MarieBrough, Dewponds and Pondmakers of the Yorkshire Wolds

Alan Gailey, Cultural Connections and Cheese

Martyn C. Brown, Cider Making in the Channel Islands

Hugh Anderson, Inquiry into Folklife in Australia