Volume 16 1978


James Porter, The Turriff Family of Fetterangus: Society, Learning, Creation and Recreation of Traditional Song

Hugh Cheape, Questionaires and the Grain Harvest in Scotland

Laura Jones, Dress in Nineteenth-Century Ireland: An Approach to Research

William Linnard, Bark-stripping in Wales

S.Minwel Tibbott, Knitting Stockings in Wales – A Domestic Craft

David Smith, Some Flat-roof Thatch Survivals

Ian Whitaker, Recent Anthropological Studies of the Faroe Islands (1971–1975)

Eurwyn Wiliam, Yr Aelwyd: the architectural development of the hearth in Wales

Volume 17 1979


Gavin Bowie, Corn Drying Kilns, Meal Milling and Flour in Ireland

Blaise Vyner, Mole Trapping in South Wales

Philip Robinson, Urban Vernacular Housing in Newtownards, County Down 

Larch S. Garrad, Quilting and Patchwork in the Isle of Man

Michael Barke, Weavers’ Cottages in the Huddersfield Area: A Preliminary Survey

Gareth Haulfryn Williams, Notes on Burial Customs in 17th century Caernarfonshire

H. C. Caffrey, Some Craftsmen in the Tame Valley

Volume 18 1980


Venetia Newall, Throwing the Hood at Haxey: a Lincolnshire Twelfth-night Custom

Martyn C. Brown, Mud Horse Fishing in Bridgewater Bay

H. B. Sharp, Collyweston Stone Slating Techniques

Peter Harrop, Mumming in Bampton

Linda M.C. Babb, Bark Peeling and Tanning in the Forest of Wyre

Geoffrey Dent, Egg Gathering at Bempton: Notes on tackle and technique, 1935–39

Anne E. Jones, Folk Medicine in Living Memory in Wales

Graeme D.R. Cruickshank, Building Birch Brooms at Portobello

Volume 19 1981


Trefor M.Owen, Folk Life Studies: Some Problems and Perspectives

A.C. Wright, The Lawless Courts of Rayleigh and the Rochford Hundred

Jonathan Bell, Sickles, Hooks and Scythes in Ireland

S.Minwel Tibbott, Laundering in the Welsh Home

Geoffrey Dent, Weights and Measures in Regional Studies

Simon J. Bronner, Modern Anthropological Trends and their Folkloristic Relationships

Peter Brears, Heart Gravestones in the Calder Valley

Liam Canny, The Irish Game of Hurling

Alexander Fenton, Swedish Ethnology: Two Recent Publications

Volume 20 1982 [includes index to vols 1-20]


Gareth Haulfryn Williams, Probate Records: A Source for Folk Life Studies

Peter Brears, The Knitting Sheath

William Linnard, Sweat and Sawdust: Pit-sawing in Wales

Melvin M.Firestone, The Traditional Start Bay Crab Fishery

Anne O’Dowd, “Sweeten that to your Liking” – Irish Seasonal Workers in Fact and Fiction

Dafydd Roberts, Sheep Ear and Body Identification Marks in Wales

Elfyn Scourfield, International Symposium on the Preservation of Endangered Rural Plants and Traditional Domestic Plants in Open-Air Museums