Volume 16 1978

James Porter – ‘The Tuller Family of Fetterangus’

Hugh Cheape – ‘Questionaires and the Grain Harvest in Scotland’

Laura Jones – ‘Dress in Nineteenth century Ireland’

William Linnard – ‘Bark-stripping in Wales’

S.Minwel Tibbott – ‘Knitting Stockings in Wales – A Domestic Craft’

David Smith – ‘Some Flat-roof Thatch Survivals’

Ian Whitaker – ‘Anthropological Studies of the Faroe Islands (1971-1975)

Eurwyn Wiliam – ‘Yr Aelwyd: Architectural Development of the Hearth in Wales’

Volume 17 1979

Gavin Bowie -‘ Corn Drying Kilns, Meal Milling and Flour in Ireland’

Blaise Vyner – ‘Mole Trapping in South Wales’

Philip Robinson – ‘Urban Vernacular Housing in Newtownards’

Larch S. Garrard – ‘Quilting and Patchwork in the Isle of Man’

Michael Barke – ‘Weavers’ Cottages in the Huddersfield Area: A Preliminary Survey’

G.Haulfryn Williams – ‘Notes on Burial Customs in 17th century Caernarfonshire’

H.C.Caffrey – ‘Some Craftsmen in the Tame Valley’

Volume 18 1980

Venetia Newall – ‘Throwing the Hood at Haxey: a Lincolnshire Twelfth-night Custom’

Martyn C. Brown – ‘Mud Horse Fishing in Bridgewater Bay’

H.B.Sharp – ‘Collyweston Stone Slating Techniques’

Peter Harrop – ‘Mumming in Bampton’

Linda M.C.Babb – ‘Bark Peeling and Tanning in the Forest of Wyre’

Geoffrey Dent – ‘Egg Gathering at Bempton’

Anne E. Jones – ‘Folk Medicine in Living Memory in Wales’

G.D.R.Cruickshank – ‘Building Birch Brooms at Portobello’

Volume 19 1981

Trefor M.Owen – ‘Folk Life Studies: Some Problems and Perspectives’

A.C.Wright – ‘The Lawless Courts of Rayleigh and the Rochford Hundred’

Jonathan Bell – ‘Sickles, Hooks and Scythes in Ireland’

S.Minwel Tibbott – ‘Laundering in the Welsh Home’

Geoffrey Dent – ‘Weights and Measures in Regional Studies’

Simon J.Bronner – ‘Modern Anthropological Trends and their Folkloristic Relationships’

Peter Brears Heart – ‘Gravestones in the Calder Valley’

Liam Canny – ‘The Irish Game of Hurling’

A.Fenton – ‘Swedish Ethnology: Two Recent Publications’

Volume 20 1982 [includes index to vols 1-20]

G.Haulfryn Williams – ‘Probate Records: A Source for Folk Life Studies’

Peter Brears – ‘The Knitting Sheath’

William Linnard – ‘Sweat and Sawdust: Pit-sawing in Wales’

Melvin M.Firestone – ‘The Traditional Start Bay Crab Fishery’

Anne O’Dowd – ”Sweeten that to your Liking’ – Irish Seasonal Workers in Fact and Fiction’

Dafydd Roberts – ‘Sheep Ear and Body Identification Marks in Wales’

Elfyn Scourfield – ‘International Symposium on the Preservation of Endangered Rural Plants and Traditional Domestic Plants in Open -Air Museums’