Volume 11 1973


Alexander Fenton, The Scope of Regional Ethnology

Gösta Berg, Sheep and Cattle Marks in Scandinavia

Timothy P. O’Neill, Poverty in Ireland 1815-45

Eurwyn Wiliam, Farm Buildings in the Vale of Clwyd 1550-1880

John C. O’Sullivan, St Brigid’s Crosses

John C. O’Sullivan, Further Notes on Wooden Pumps

Richard Foster, The Hosiery Trade in a Leicestershire Village

Alexander Fenton, European Ethnology: Some Recent Books and Journals

Volume 12 1974


J. Geraint Jenkins, Fish Weirs and Traps

Melville Richards, Fishing Terms in Welsh Place-names

Günter Wiegelman, Innovations in Food and Meals

S. Minwel Tibbott, Sucan and Llymru in Wales

Alexander Fenton, Sowens in Scotland

Pamela Murray, Oatbread in North Staffordshire

Peter C. D. Brears, Oatcake in the West Riding

John R.Baldwin, Seabird fowling in Scotland and Faroe

R. O. Roberts, Boon Land: an Unusual Form of Tenure

Volume 13 1975


John D. A. Widdowson, The Things They Say About Food: A Survey of Traditional English Foodways

Eunice M. Schofield, Working Class Food and Cooking in 1900

Colin Thomas, Peasant Agriculture in Medieval Gwynedd: An Interpretation of tbe Documentary Evidence

James Walton, The English Stone Slater’s Craft

C. Anne Wilson, Burnt Wine and Cordial Waters: The Early Days of Distilling

Walter Minchinton, Cider and Folklore

R. Ross Noble, An End to ‘Wrecking’: The Decline in the use of Seaweed as a Manure on Ayrshire Coastal Farms

Volume 14 1976


Anne Buck, Dress as a Social Record

Catrin Stevens, The Funeral Wake in Wales

Gwyn Meirion-Jones, Some Early and Primitive Building Forms in Brittany

G. D. Newton, Single Storey Cottages in West Yorkshire

K. G. Ponting, Indigo and Woad

D. Roy Saer, The Supposed Mari Lwyd of Pembrokeshire

Volume 15 1977


Susan Pattison, The Antrobus Soulcaking Play: An Alternative Approach to the Mummers’ Play

John Williams-Davies, Merched y Gerddi: A Seasonal Migration of Female Labour from Rural Wales

Kathryn C. Smith, The Wise Man and his Community

Alan Gailey, The Ballyhagan Inventories, 1716-1740

R.W. Brunskill, Traditional Domestic Architecture of South West Lancashire

J. Geraint Jenkins, Cockles and Mussels: Aspects of Shellfish Gathering in Wales

Margaret Brooks, The Craft of a Dry Stone Waller

Elfyn Scourfield, Regional Variations of Hedging Styles in Wales