Volume 11 1973

A. Fenton – ‘The Scope of Regional Ethnology’

Gösta Berg – ‘Sheep and Cattle Marks in Scandinavia’

T.P.O’Neill – ‘Poverty in Ireland 1815-45’

Eurwyn Wiliam – ‘Farm Buildings in the Vale of Clwyd 1550-1880’

John O’Sullivan – ‘St Brigid’s Crosses’

Richard Foster – ‘The Hosiery Trade in a Leicestershire Village’

Volume 12 1974

J.G.Jenkins – ‘Fish Weirs and Traps’

Melville Richards – ‘Fishing Terms in Welsh Place-names’

Günter Wiegelman – ‘Innovations in Food and Meals’

S.Minwel Tibbott – ‘Sucan and Llymru in Wales’

A.Fenton – ‘Sowens in Scotland’

Pamela Murray – ‘Oatbread in North Staffordshire’

Peter Brears – ‘Oatcake in the West Riding’

John R.Baldwin – ‘Seabird fowling in Scotland and Faroe’

Volume 13 1975

John Widdowson – ‘The Things They Say About Food: A Survey of Traditional English Foodways’

Eunice M. Schofield – ‘Working Class Food and Cooking in 1900’

Colin Thomas – ‘Peasant Agriculture in Medieval Gwynedd’

James Walton – ‘The English Stone Slater’s Craft’

C.A. Wilson – ‘Burnt Wine and Cordial Waters: The Early Days of Distilling’

Walter Minchinton – ‘Cider and Folklore’

Ross Noble – ‘The Decline in Use of Seaweed as a Manure on Ayrshire Coastal Farms’

Volume 14 1976

Anne Buck – ‘Dress as a Social Record’

Catrin Stevens – ‘The Funeral Wake in wales’

Gwyn Meirion-Jones – ‘Some Early and Primitive Building Forms in Brittany’

G.D.Newton – ‘Single Storey Cottages in West Yorkshire’

K.G.Ponting – ‘Indigo and Woad’

D.Roy Saer – ‘The Supposed Mari Lwyd of Pembrokeshire’

Volume 15 1977

Susan Pattison – ‘The Antrobus Soulcaking Play: An Alternative Approach to the Mummers’ Play’

J.Williams-Davies – ‘Merched y Gerddi: A Seasonal Migration of Female Labour from Rural Wales’

Kathryn C.Smith – ‘The Wise Man and his Community’

R.A.Gailey – ‘The Ballyhagan Inventories, 1716-1740’

R.W.Brunskill – ‘Traditional Domestic Architecture of South West Lancashire’

J.G.Jenkins – ‘Cockles and Mussels: Aspects of Shellfish Gathering in Wales’

Margaret Brooks – ‘The Craft of a Dry Stone Waller’

Elfyn Scourfield – ‘Regional Variations of Hedging Styles in Wales’