Volume 1 1963


Iorwerth C. Peate, The Society for Folk Life Studies

Ronald H. Buchanan, Geography and Folk Life

Anne Buck, The Countryman’s Smock

J. Geraint Jenkins, Bowl Turners and Spoon Carvers

Frank Atkinson, ‘Knur and Spell’ and Allied Games

Hugo Lemon, The Hand Craftsman in the Wool Textile Trade

Donald McKelvie, Aspects of Oral Tradition and Belief in an Industrial Region

Iorwerth C. Peate, Marl Lwyd-Láir Brán

Margaret Dean-Smith, Disguise in English Folk Drama

Volume 2 1964


Alexander Fenton &  James J. Laurenson, Peat in Fetlar

Alan Gailey, The Ulster Tradition

Ffransis G.Payne, Welsh Peasant Costume

C. O Danachair, The Combined Byre and Dwelling in Ireland

Iorwerth C. Peate, The Long House Again

John West, The Forest Offenders of Medieval Worcestershire

Ralph Merrifield, Correspondence: Knur and Spell

Volume 3 1965


Christopher Stell, Pennine Houses – An Introduction

John Rowe, Cornish Emigrants in America

Ronald H. Buchanan, Tradition and Change in Rural Ulster

Trefor M. Owen, West Glamorgan Customs

John Noufville  Taylor, Elver Fishing on the River Severn

J. G. Dunbar, Auchindrain: A Mid-Argyll Township

J. Geoffrey Dent, The Holed Stone Amulet and its Uses

Gwyn E. Jones. The Nature and Consequences of Technical Changes in Farming

J. Geraint Jenkins, A Cardiganshire Lip-worker

Eric Cregeen, Flailing in Argyll

Ffrangcon Lloyd, The Long-House

Frank Atkinson, Yorkshire Miners’ Cottages

Volume 4 1966


H. J. Hanham, Politics and Community Life in Victorian and Edwardian Britain

Alan Small, The Villages of the Howe of the Mearns

G. J. Williams, The Welsh Language

Anne Buck, The Teaching of Lacemaking in the East Midlands

Alan Gailey, The Disappearance of the Horse from the Ulster Farm

Sigurd Erixon, The Age of Enolosures and its Older Traditions

J. Geraint Jenkins, Traditional Methods of Dyeing Wool in Wales

Anne Ward, Quilting in the North of England

Angus Graham, The Deil’s Dander

Trefor M. Owen, The Recording of Past Social Conditions

Volume 5 1967


John MacQueen, Saints’ Legends and Celtic Life

R. A. Salaman, Tools of the Shipwright 1650-1925

Graeme Whittington, The Imprint of Former Occupations and the Improver Movement on House Types in Fife

Richard Phillips, Fashions in Horseflesh

J. Marshall Jenkins, Ground-Rules of Welsh Houses: A Primary Analysis

Margaret C. Storrie, Balliekine, Arran: Survivor of Two Revolutions

M. L. Ryder, Sheep “Scauping”

K. G. Pointing, Cloth Finishing

Stewart F. Sanderson, Two Scottish Riddles

Ronald Millar, Shiels in the Brecon Beacons