Volume 1 1963

Iorwerth C.Peate – ‘The Society for Folk Life Studies’

R.H.Buchanan – ‘Geography and Folk Life’

Anne Buck – ‘The Countryman’s Smock’

J.G.Jenkins – ‘Bowl Turners and Spoon Carvers’

F.Atkinson – ‘Knur and Spell and Allied Games’

D.McKelvie – ‘Aspects of Oral Tradition’

M.Dean-Smith – ‘Disguise in English Folk Drama’

Volume 2 1964

A. Fenton & J.Laurenson – ‘Peat in Fetar’

R.A.Gailey – ‘The Ulster Tradition’

Ffransis G.Payne – ‘Welsh Peasant Costume’

C. O Danachair – ‘The Combined Byre and Dwelling in Ireland’

Iorwerth C.Peate – ‘The Long House Again’

J.West – ‘The Forest Offenders of Medieval Worcestershire’

Volume 3 1965

C.F.Stell – ‘Pennine Houses – An Introduction’

J.G.Dunbar – ‘Auchindrain : A Mid-Argyll Township’

Trefor M. Owen – ‘West Glamorgan Customs’

John Rowe – ‘Cornish Emigrants in America’

J.N.Taylor – ‘Elver Fishing on the Severn’

Gwyn E.Jones – ‘The Nature and Consequences of Technical Changes in Farming’

R.H.Buchanan – ‘Tradition and Change in Rural Ulster’

Geoffrey Dent – ‘The Holed Stone Amulet and its Uses’

Volume 4 1966

H.J.Hanham – ‘Politics and Community Life’

M.L.Ryder – ‘Sheep Shearing Stools’

Alan Small – ‘The Villages of the Howe of the Mearns’

G.J.Williams – ‘The Welsh Language’

Anne Buck – ‘The Teaching of Lacemaking in the East Midlands’

R.A.Gailey – ‘The Disappearance of the Horse from Ulster’

Sigurd Erixon – ‘The Age of Enclosures’J.G.Jenkins – ‘Dyeing Wool in Wales’

Anne Ward – ‘Quilting in the North of England’

Volume 5 1967

J.MacQueen – ‘Saints’ Legends and Celtic Life’

R.A.Salaman – ‘Tools of the Shipwright 1650-1925’

G.Whittington – ‘House Types in Fife’

R.Phillips – ‘Fashions in Horseflesh’

Marshall Jenkins – ‘Ground Rules of Welsh Houses’

Margaret Storrie – ‘Balliekine, Arran’