2013 Annual Conference – Llandrindod Wells

We are pleased to announce the details of our annual conference for 2013. It will take place in Llandrindod Wells, Wales, from 12-15 September. The conference themes are Water, Borderlands, and Vernacular Architecture. The conference venue and hotel is the Hotel Metropole, Temple Street, Llandrindod Wells, Powys, LD1 5DY. Further details are available through the […]

2012 Annual Conference – Manchester

We are pleased to announce the annual conference for 2012. It will take place from 13-16 September 2012. The themes will be the city: its industry, its ethnic groups and its culture. Every city is unique, and our 2012 conference is intended to explore Manchester’s uniqueness. Its rise and wealth in the Victorian period was […]

Journal, Vol 46 – 50, 2008 – 2012

Volume 46 2008 Simon J. Bronner – ‘Hare Coursing and the Ethics of Tradition’ Frank Rennie – ‘Human Ecology and Concepts of Sustainable Development in a Crofting Township’ Gwenllian M. Awbery – ‘Biblical Verses in Welsh Commemorative Inscriptions’ Neill Martin – ‘Ritualised Entry in Seasonal and Marriage Custom’ Dennis R. Mills – ‘Recording and Interpreting […]

Journal, Vol 41 – 45, 2003 – 2007

Volume 41 2003 Catherine Wilson – ‘Thoughts on Rural Life Museums & Agricultural Preservation in Eastern England’ Gareth Beech – ‘The Wooden Field Gates of Wales’ Thornton Edwards – ‘Greek Wedding Customs (Part One)’ Gillian Bennet – ‘Cultural Life of an English Village in the Inter-War Years’ David Rice – ‘Up to Six Plays an […]

Journal, Vol 36 – 40, 1998 – 2002

Volume 36 1998 Jill Betts – ‘Michael O’ Connell and his Festival of Britain Wall hanging’ John Burrison – ‘The Living Tradition of English Pottery’ J. Steane & C. Bloxham – ‘Secrets under the floorboards’ Caroline Earwood – ‘Primitive Ropemaking: The Archaelogical and Ethnographic Evidence’ Thornton Edwards – ‘Baptismal Customs in Greece’ Linda Fletcher – […]

Journal, Vol 31 – 35, 1992 – 1997

Volume 31 1993 Brian Loughbrough – ‘The Experience of Places and People’ Margaret H. King – ‘A Partnership of Equals: Women in Scottish East Coast Fishing Communities’ Geoffrey Dent – ‘Aspects of Change: Evolution and Revolution in Weights and Measures’ Linda M. Ballard – ‘Irish Lace; Tradition or Commodity?’ Martyn Brown – ‘Museums in Rural […]

Journal, Vol 26 – 30, 1988 – 1992

Volume 26 1988 G. Boyes – ‘Cultural Survivals Theory and Traditional Customs’ D. Bostwick – ‘The Denby Dale Pies: An Illustrated Narrative History’ G. Jenkins – ‘Felt Hatmaking in Ceredigion’ D.J. Pannett – ‘Fish Weirs of the River Severn’ B.S. MacAodha – ‘Some Penal Era Placenames in North West Ireland’ P.G. Preece – ‘Woodmen of […]