Journal, Vol 46-50, 2008-2012

Volume 46 2008 Contents Simon J. Bronner, Hare Coursing and the Ethics of Tradition Frank Rennie, Human Ecology and Concepts of Sustainable Development in a Crofting Township Gwenllian M. Awbery, Biblical Verses in Welsh Commemorative Inscriptions Neill Martin, Ritualised Entry in Seasonal and Marriage Custom Dennis R. Mills, Recording and Interpreting Moffreys Ian Whyte, The […]

Journal, Vol 41-45, 2003-2007

Volume 41 2003 Catherine Wilson, ‘I’ve got a brand new combine harvester … but who should have the key?’ Some thoughts on Rural Life Museums and Agricultural Preservation in Eastern England Gareth Beech, The Wooden Field Gates of Wales Trevor Parkhill, ‘That’s their history’: can a museum’s historical programme inform the reconciliation process in a […]

Journal, Vol 36-40, 1998-2002

Volume 36 1998 Jill Betts, Michael O’ Connell and his Festival of Britain Wall hanging John Burrison, The Living Tradition of English Country Pottery J. Steane & C. Bloxham, Secrets under the floorboards Caroline Earwood, Primitive Ropemaking: The Archaelogical and Ethnographic Evidence Thornton Edwards, Baptismal Customs in Greece Linda Fletcher, Strewings Adèle Schaverien, The Horners’ […]

Journal, Vol 31-35, 1992-1997

Volume 31 1993 Contents Brian Loughbrough, The Experience of Places and People Margaret H. King, A Partnership of Equals: Women in Scottish East Coast Fishing Communities Geoffrey Dent, Aspects of Change: Evolution and Revolution in Weights and Measures Linda M. Ballard, Irish Lace; Tradition or Commodity? Martyn Brown, Museums in Rural Areas George Monger, Rural […]

Journal, Vol 26-30, 1988-1992

Volume 26 1988 Contents Georgina Boyes, Cultural Survivals Theory and Traditional Customs: An Examination of the Effects of Privileging on the Form and Perception of Some English Calendar Customs David Bostwick, The Denby Dale Pies: An Illustrated Narrative History Gwyn Jenkins, Felt Hatmaking in Ceredigion D. J. Pannett, Fish Weirs of the River Severn Breandán […]

Journal, Vol 21-25, 1983-1987

Volume 21 1983 Contents Trefor M. Owen, Iorwerth Cyfeiliog Peate, 1901-1982 Gereth M. Spriggs, Maiden’s Garlands People’s Stage Tapes Peter C. D. Brears, Construction of a Maiden’s Garland Larch S. Garrard, Samplers and Related Embroideries in the Isle of Man Richard J. Colyer, Crop Husbandry in Wales before the Onset of Mechanisation Bruce Walker, The […]

Journal, Vol 16-20, 1978-1982

Volume 16 1978 Contents James Porter, The Turriff Family of Fetterangus: Society, Learning, Creation and Recreation of Traditional Song Hugh Cheape, Questionaires and the Grain Harvest in Scotland Laura Jones, Dress in Nineteenth-Century Ireland: An Approach to Research William Linnard, Bark-stripping in Wales S.Minwel Tibbott, Knitting Stockings in Wales – A Domestic Craft David Smith, […]

Journal, Vol 11-15, 1973-1977

Volume 11 1973 Contents Alexander Fenton, The Scope of Regional Ethnology Gösta Berg, Sheep and Cattle Marks in Scandinavia Timothy P. O’Neill, Poverty in Ireland 1815-45 Eurwyn Wiliam, Farm Buildings in the Vale of Clwyd 1550-1880 John C. O’Sullivan, St Brigid’s Crosses John C. O’Sullivan, Further Notes on Wooden Pumps Richard Foster, The Hosiery Trade […]

Journal, Vol 6–10, 1968–1972

Volume 6 1968 (Sigurd Erixon’s Memorial Volume) Contents Iorwerth C. Peate, Sigurd Erixon 1888-1968 Kate Mason, Yorkshire Cheese making A.T. Lucas, Cloth Finishing in Ireland W. John Rowe, Old-World Legacies in America Alan Gailey, Straw Costume in Irish Folk Customs Alexander Fenton, Alternating Stone and Turf D. M. Duggan Thacker, Country Cider Iorwerth C. Peate, […]

Journal, Vol 1-5, 1963-1967

Volume 1 1963 Contents Iorwerth C. Peate, The Society for Folk Life Studies Ronald H. Buchanan, Geography and Folk Life Anne Buck, The Countryman’s Smock J. Geraint Jenkins, Bowl Turners and Spoon Carvers Frank Atkinson, ‘Knur and Spell’ and Allied Games Hugo Lemon, The Hand Craftsman in the Wool Textile Trade Donald McKelvie, Aspects of […]